Lauren’s List: Workouts to Help Get You Back in Shape

In a world where mental and physical health is as important as ever, I wanted to share all of my resources on health and wellness. Here is our comprehensive list of the top websites that I have personally found to be beneficial and helpful in my life.

Lauren xx

For Your Physical Health:

Bodyline Pilates Online Classes

Tracy Anderson Live Streaming

Brooks Laich's Open Gym

The Sweat Spot Dance Parties

Urban 728 Yoga

Pilates By Amanda

Mat Pilates by Julie Mason

Ryan Huffington’s Amazing Dance Class

Pilates Anytime

Peloton App (no equipment needed)


Insight Timer

The Class by Taryn Toomey

Melissa Wood Health

For Your Mental Health:

Calm Meditation

Breaking the Covid Anxiety Cycle and How to Stay Sane

Expanded with Lacey Phillips Podcast: Coronavirus Episode

Expanded with Lacey Phillips Podcast: Healing Through Food Episode

For Your Internal Health:

Hum Nutrition

The New Co Probiotics