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Mom Talk with Chef and Mom-to-Be Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

by Lauren Goldfaden
Mom Talk with Chef and Mom-to-Be Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

Mom Talk with Chef and Mom-to-Be Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

Tara Sowlaty Lehrer is a chef, nutritionist, journalist, designer, and creative director -- and one half of the duo behind the wellness site, How You Glow. Regularly sharing her tips on motherhood, fitness, and lifestyle, she is a one-stop-source for wellness that many LA moms have come to count on. We recently caught up with the entrepreneur to ask her a few questions about mamahood...

How do you practice self-care?

I try to weave in self-care all throughout the day. I always start my day with meditation and reading in bed. From there I do my morning routine of brushing my teeth, washing my face, and body brushing. I try to move throughout the day, daily walks outside, eat nourishing foods, and drink water. And I always find time to be cozy and disconnect with my husband and dog.

What is the one lesson that you'll teach to your kids? 

I hope to teach our kids self-love and self-confidence, that empathy is the root of all love, and to always lead with kindness.

What excites you most about motherhood? 

I’m so excited to experience the expansion of the heart, and see my heart outside my body in my child.

What has surprised you most about pregnancy? 

It really is a magical experience! But it’s a lot at once. I didn’t expect to feel so nauseous to be honest, and I didn’t expect to have so many food aversions! As someone who is obsessed with food it was a very weird and challenging experience to dislike food! Luckily that has passed and I’m back to my food-loving self.

Do you have any mom icons?

My mom hands down is my number one mom icon. She is literally superwoman, who is a beyond attentive mom, full time boss and CEO, who handles a million things a day. She is the most loving, generous, supportive mother in the world, and I am constantly in awe of all that she does for others on a daily basis. I can just hope to be half of what she is, and I know that with her by my side I can do anything. She inspires me to be the best version of myself and the best mom I can be.

What are you eating these days? 

I’m focusing on healthy fats, proteins, good carbs, fresh fruits, leafy greens, and yummy vegetables. I eat a lot of nuts, good quality dairy, and fermented foods as well. I’m nourishing myself and the baby as much as I can, but still indulging in some of my favorite treats every now and then as well.

What will be your go-to meal for your children?

My cozy roast chicken! I know they will love it. It’s so simple and full of flavor and is the ultimate nourishing meal, made with love.

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