The Importance of Being Kind to Our Planet

by PageFly
The Importance of Being Kind to Our Planet

The Importance of Being Kind to Our Planet

Have you ever stopped to question the terminology “alternative?” Why is it that everything that is good and healthy for our planet and our lives is called an alternative? An alternative to what? Biodiesel, ethanol, and hydro-fuel cells are an alternative to global warming, water pollution, and oil spills? Post-consumer waste, recycled and tree-free paper is an alternative to deforestation and loss of species and their habitat? Non-chlorine bleach paper is an alternative to dioxin cancer-causing chlorine? Solar and wind technology is an alternative energy to coal and other fossil fuels and nuclear power?

How did we get to the point where we allowed what is good for us to become the alternative instead of the accepted norm? Why is it that the accepted norm is everything that is leading to the destruction of all that is good and beautiful in our world? 

Our words are a magnifying glass through which we must see how powerfully society has been manipulated. We have been taught that economy is the most important thing in life. We have been taught that it is separate and more important than our ecology. Yet both of these words share the same root, ecos, meaning house or home.

Economics and ecologics are the study and the understanding of the role of economy and ecology in our lives. Isn't it interesting that the only time the word logic is seen is in ecologics? This literally means by definition that the only way our economy is ever going to make any sense at all, is if it is truly rooted in the protection and sustainability of our ecology.

They are not separate.

The change our world needs if it is going to survive is a change that begins first with our roots, our consciousness. 

As we hold corporations and corrupt government officials accountable for their actions, we must also look back at ourselves and see how we might be playing a part in the problem. Then we must look to see how we can become a better part of the solution.

It begins in this moment. Every moment is a choice. And every choice has an impact. We all have the power to decide if our actions will affect the planet and our lives in a positive or negative way.

We must look at our lives through a lens of love and sacred action. How do we begin to free ourselves? Everything in life comes from earth and human resources, so how do we reduce our imprint in our daily lives?

You can start small; there is no such thing as non-action. Every single choice is a direct action on the planet and our lives, whether we see it right away or not. We are all direct activists every moment of every day. We are all powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. The kind of difference we make is up to us.

Begin today. Make a promise to yourself and the world that you will honor your love and power. From this moment forward, honor the sacred interconnection of all life and make choices from your consciousness which honors this connection and interdependence.

The people, the planet, and the future are depending on it.

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