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The Essentials Edit: Craft Supplies for Your Tiny Artist

by Shopify API
The Essentials Edit: Craft Supplies for Your Tiny Artist

The Essentials Edit: Craft Supplies for Your Tiny Artist

From kindergarten to college, my favorite part of going back to school was getting new supplies. I can still feel the satisfaction of sharpening fresh pencils, unwrapping a new eraser, and carefully placing them into a fresh pencil case. It’s a feeling of limitless opportunity: the markers still have all their caps, the paints aren’t dried up, and stacks of construction paper sit neatly in every color of the rainbow.

This excitement may help explain why I became an artist and started a stationery company, Adelfi, with my sister who shares my love of a good pen and notebook. I get to refresh my supplies year round (a HUGE perk of the job). While COVID-19 has meant that I’m no longer wandering the aisles of art stores, I still love to research new, innovative products online.

And, lucky for us, I've found that many companies are creating non-toxic, environmentally friendly art supplies that actually work and look cute on your shelf. (Bonus points!)

Check out my 10 must-have art supplies for kids (and adults too)!

Be sure to download the free Mini Bloom coloring sheet and print out copies. Coloring is a fun and calming activity for all ages!

  • Riverside 100% Recycled Construction Paper. All you'll need is scissors! See it now!
  • Kitpas Art Crayons are a classic. They can draw on almost any surface (like paper, glass, or mirrors) and they’re water soluble, so take a wet paintbrush and turn any drawing into a watercolor! See it now!
  • Not only does glitter get everywhere, it’s also a micro plastic that winds up polluting our oceans. Enter biodegradable glitter, still messy but a crafting necessity. See it now!
  • Elmer’s School Glue Naturals, a glue stick made from 88% plants, in a 25% recycled plastic container: See it now!
  • Playon Crayons, stackable, non-toxic, and extra cute. See it now!
  • Jumbo Colored Pencils, ergonomically shaped for children’s hands and made using reforested wood with a natural lacquer finish. See it now!
  • Kid Made Modern Wondrous Watercolor Kit, including 30 pigmented watercolor pants, brushes, and a paper pad. See it now!
  • Engel Pencil Case, a rainbow case made from recycled plastic bottles. See it now!
  • Omy Magical Felt Pens, non-toxic felt tip markers with a color changing marker included. See it now!
  • Twee Chalk, comes in fun colorful shapes from donuts to unicorn horns. See it now!

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