Our Story

mini bloom

A mom + a newborn specialist + babies

Mini Bloom was created out of the love for our children, our shared passion for using clean, efficacious products, and our desire to offer safe and trusted skincare items to all babies, every mama, and to anyone looking after them in their world.

mini bloom

The mom

For Lauren Wolk- Goldfaden, the experience of becoming a new mother was in equal parts full of an incomparable joy, and an overwhelming set of demands and challenges. One challenge she hadn’t predicted having to face was the frustration she felt in her efforts to find products to use on her daughter’s newborn skin she could trust with complete confidence. As the co-founder of a natural, high-performance adult skincare brand, clean products are her credo, and something she thought would be relatively easy to find when it came to caring for her daughter’s newborn skin. Products that were gentle, effective, developed naturally, and free of both chemical irritants and harmful substances. But it just wasn’t the case. What she discovered was that there was a plethora of unnatural ingredients hidden in the language of many skincare formulas marketed as safe for babies, children and the environment. This was mind-blowing to her.

And from the start of motherhood, and the very first spark of Lauren’s curiosity to bring what she could not find to market—a line of nourishing, effective, worry-free products to use first on her daughter, and when the time came, eventually her son—meeting Alicia Brammer changed her life. And so Lauren began the journey to make what she could not find: nourishing, effective, worry-free products to use first on her daughter, and when the time came, eventually her son. If you asked her, she’d probably call Mini Bloom baby #3—and by far, in fact much further than far, her longest pregnancy to date.

mini bloom

The newborn specialist

Alicia MooPow- Brammer is a published author, a mother of two, and a newborn specialist. One who has devoted her career to educating and assisting others in caring for their infants, and to consulting parents on every aspect of their children’s growth and development throughout their young lives. It was through Alicia’s supportive, homeopathic, nurturing ways and knowing guidance that Lauren learned how to best care for the family she and her husband had created. And from Alicia’s tremendous experience that Lauren learned she was not alone in her efforts to find purposeful, practical, powerful but natural skincare to use on infants and toddlers alike.

mini bloom

The babies

Together, a perfect team from the start, Lauren and Alicia created Mini Bloom. A clean, safe, and effective line that is a reflection of their mutual passions. A line that, most importantly, gives parents the confidence and assurance they’re doing right by their babes and little ones.