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The Essentials Edit: Meet Writer and Producer Lucette Fisher

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The Essentials Edit: Meet Writer and Producer Lucette Fisher

The Essentials Edit: Meet Writer and Producer Lucette Fisher

Lucette Fisher is a writer, producer, and avid needlepointer. Her and her husband, the actor, Miles Fisher, live in Los Angeles where they raise their two children. Both in the entertainment industry, we caught up with the mother to ask her to share some of the things that keep her sane in a city of constant buzz.

1. Friends

I would be nowhere without my trusted friends! Whether they are oldies or newbies, my life is made that much more sweet with my amazing support team. 

2. Spanx Bras 

My breasts changed a lot after growing and nursing two children and I am so happy with my comfortable, supportive, and sexy Spanx bras. 

3. Needlepoint 

I truly believe having a hobby that you love is a happiness brain hack. The meditative quality of the stitching is a true gift for my spirit. It’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day while watching New Girl or listening to Audible. 

4. Apple Watch 

Ironically, I originally got an Apple Watch to keep me off my other devices. I would say, “I just want to know if someone is calling me, that’s it!” Then, I used it to monitor my tachycardia during pregnancy. Now, I love having a watch that only gives notifications to breath, move, and if I am getting a phone call. It really does remind me to take care of myself and I feel motivated to close my rings every day. On the Apple note, I also enjoy watching Apple TV with AirPods so I can watch TV without waking the kids at night.

5. Baby Care Play Area + Mat 

I take so much comfort in knowing I have a safe place to let my infant practice crawling around with age appropriate toys where my toddler can’t really bother her. Running to the bathroom, making a snack, taking a break... all things made easier by the play zone. 

6. Asobu Super Sippy Water Bottle 

I have tried so many water bottles and I love this one by Asobu so much. I don’t drink caffeine or alcohol, so water is really my go-to. Having a perfect way to drink it makes all the difference. 

7. Music

It was important to me to build a childhood for my girls that is filled with music so I always have something on Sonos. A love of music is something I shared with my late father so it feels very special to me. Listen in on our home and you’ll hear anything from Ali Farka Touré to Bonnie Raitt to João Gilberto to Travis Tritt to Vampire Weekend. If you’re really lucky, you’ll catch my husband making up silly lyrics to the melody of the Paw Patrol title song. 

8. Sleep

Now that my daughters are on roughly the same schedule, I do my best to go to sleep at 9pm every night. That gives me enough rest to wake up around 5:15am and get the day started. I can ride the Peloton or respond to emails and make breakfast before my kids wake up. I feel so much more proactive instead of reactive throughout the day when I get that early time carved out for myself. 

9. Safe Products 

I’ve been devoted to safe personal products since I worked at Stand Up To Cancer. I believe it’s important to give our bodies the best chance they have at living their most efficient and successful lives. I have used Goldfaden MD for years and can’t speak more highly of it. I recently became obsessed with the new Goldfaden body scrub and also use Westman Atelier, Suntegrity, Ilia, Beautycounter, Agent Nateur, Sacred Earth, Seventh Generation, and David’s Toothpaste. 

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